Strategic Investing

Research-driven investment decisions for your goals.


Research-driven investment decisions for your goals.

MCM implements investment portfolios based on the risk and objectives of each individual client / account. We believe that clients should only take on the risk necessary to achieve their investment goals. MCM offers different investment portfolios that match up to client objectives which include, but are not limited to:

    Quantitative Equity – MCM uses in house equity screening models to create and implement a multifactor equity portfolio.
    Unconstrained Total Return – MCM uses individual stocks, bonds and funds to generate an efficient long-term portfolio.
    Capital Preservation and Income – MCM uses years of bond market experience to optimize client’s income producing assets, based on time horizon and risk profile.
    Global Tactical Asset Allocation – MCM uses ETF’s that track major global market indices and tactically rebalances as market views change

MCM’s portfolio philosophy is driven by risk management. When making risk seeking investments, we must have a reasonable basis that we will be compensated for taking the risk.


What You Can Expect

As an SEC-registered investment advisor (RIA), MCM has a fiduciary duty to manage client assets in a manner consistent with their best interests, utilizing available resources, information and investment opportunities. Our fiduciary responsibility extends far beyond the notion of whether individual investments are suitable. Our experience with wide-ranging, portfolio assets include individual equities, ETFs, individual bonds, and other diversified instruments designed to keep your portfolio balanced and efficient. Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting to see if we're a good fit for you!


That Fit Your Goals & Objectives